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Best Plywood & Hardware Billing Software

Plywood & Hardware Billing Software

  • Streamline billing with barcode printing. 
  • Analyze sales and manage stock effectively.
  • Create customized invoices with logo and QR code.
  • Automatically generate financial and GST reports.
  • Manage purchase orders efficiently.
  • Organize inventory with godown-wise billing.
  • Implement discounts and loyalty schemes seamlessly.
  • Automate payment reminders for faster collections.

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Key Features

Barcode Support

Create custom barcodes for any item effortlessly. Choose from built-in formats or design your own labels. Swiftly generate barcodes for your entire purchase order..


Create and track professional quotations, generate invoices with a click, and easily request quotes from vendors for your inventory needs. Simplify your purchase order process today.

Mobile, Web and Windows Client

Our Windows client combines desktop features with a cloud backend, providing a unique user experience. Work flexibly from anywhere. Stay updated with your business using our mobile app and web-based interface..

Accounts and Inventory

Innoventry helps you manage the complete accounting and inventory for your business. You can manage your stock levels, outstandings and GST reports. Easily export your sales data in excel / tally XML to share with your CA.

Business Analysis

With Sales analysis reports it's easy to know which item is sold most which are sold least. Analyse the trends of sale. Price variation reports allow you to find out the price trends of your raw materials.

Loyalty Management

Reward customers with loyalty points. Our flexible redemption system ensures a personalized and engaging loyalty experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware Store Software -FAQ

  • What features should I consider in hardware shop billing software?

    Inventory management, sales tracking, invoicing, barcode scanning, customer management, reporting and analytics, multi-store support, and payment tracking are essential features to look for.

  • Why is hardware shop billing software essential for business efficiency?

    Hardware shop billing software simplifies your business processes by automating inventory tracking, invoicing, and sales reporting tasks. It saves time, minimizes errors, and enhances overall efficiency.

  • What is hardware shop billing software?

    Hardware shop billing software is a specialized computer program tailored for managing inventory, sales, and customer transactions in hardware stores. It automates billing tasks and offers features for efficient inventory and customer management.