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Best Restaurant Billing Software

Restaurant Billing Software

  • Kitchen and Counter Printing
  • Recepie Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mutiple Payment Mode
  • QR code on Bill for Quick Payment
  • Itemwise Sales Analysis
  • SMS after Sales
  • Different 58 mm, 80 mm,100 mm Customizable Bill Print
  • Mobile App for Captain

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Innoventry offers a complete solution for various food businesses, including restaurants, ice cream parlours, and coffee shops.

Key Features

Table Layouts

Layout the tables in the software similar to the actual layout in your restaurant. It helps faster billing or order processing for customer. Manage the free and occupied tables.

Recipe Based Stock Management

Manage the stock of raw material based on simple recipe of the product. Easily adjust the stock based on actual consumption.

Mobile App for Captain

Mobile app for captain or waiter to take the orders at table. Directly generate the KOT in the kitchen and order slip at billing counter.

Accounts and Inventory

Innoventry helps you manage the complete accounting and inventory for your business. You can manage your stock levels, outstandings and GST reports. Easily export your sales data in excel / tally XML to share with your CA.

Business Analysis

With Sales analysis reports it's easy to know which item is sold most which are sold least. Analyse the trends of sale. Price variation reports allow you to find out the price trends of your raw materials.

Loyalty Management

Reward customers with loyalty points. Our flexible redemption system ensures a personalized and engaging loyalty experience.

Pricing Plan Options


Rs 1000 / year
  • Table Management
  • KOT Printing
  • Stock Management
  • Recipe Based Stock Management
  • Captain Mobile App
  • Business Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • GST Reports
  • Telephonic Support


Rs 10000 / year
  • Table Management
  • KOT Printing
  • Stock Management
  • Recipe Based Stock Management
  • Captain Mobile App
  • Business Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • GST Reports
  • Telephonic Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant Billing Software - FAQ

  • What Does Restaurant Billing Software Do?

    A restaurant billing software is designed to simplify your billing needs. Additionally, it offers restaurant owners the ability to accept cashless payments through multiple gateways. Furthermore, it allows you to track all your sales effectively.

  • Why Do Restaurants Use POS Software?

    Nowadays, restaurant POS software is essential as it simplifies billing operations in a straightforward manner. It helps manage recipes and menu items, enhances automation, and offers improved experiences and insights through real-time reports, and more.

  • What is KOT Software and How Does it Work in Restaurants ?

    KOT software, or Kitchen Order Ticket software, is a tool utilized in restaurants to handle Kitchen Order Tickets efficiently. Waiters input orders and customer feedback through this software while taking orders from customers. The KOT program then prints these orders as tickets in the respective kitchen areas for preparation.

  • Why is Innoventry the Preferred Choice for Restaurant Billing Software?

    Innoventry stands out as the preferred restaurant billing software due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Our software streamlines restaurant operations, facilitating business growth. It encompasses various components to simplify all aspects of restaurant management, from table reservations to ingredient stock planning and ordering. With Innoventry, you can effortlessly create appealing discounts for both new and existing customers. Additionally, our digital solutions provide comprehensive restaurant management capabilities.

  • How can one access a free trial of Innoventry’s restaurant billing software?

    Simply go to the download section and download it to start your free trial of Innoventry's restaurant billing software.