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Filing NIL Form GSTR-1 through SMS on GST Portal

A citizen may now record NIL Form GSTR-1, through a SMS, aside from documenting it through online mode, on GST Portal.

1.To document NIL Form GSTR-1 through SMS, the citizen must satisfy following conditions:

2.They should be enlisted as Normal citizen/Casual citizen/SEZ Unit/SEZ Developer.

3.They have legitimate GSTIN.

4.Telephone number of Authorized signatories is enlisted on the GST Portal.

No information ought to be in spared or submitted stage for Form GSTR-1 on the GST Portal, identified with that separate month. NIL Form GSTR-1 can be recorded whenever on or after the first of the resulting month for which the arrival is to be documented. Citizen ought to have settled on the recording recurrence as either month to month or quarterly.

NIL Form GSTR-1 for an assessment period must berecorded by the citizen if:

1.There are no Outward Supplies (remembering supplies for which assessment is to be charged on invert charge premise, zero appraised supplies and esteemed fares) during the month or quarter for which the arrival is being documented.

2.No Amendments is to be made to any of the provisions pronounced in a prior return.

3.No Credit or Debit Notes to be pronounced/corrected.

4.No subtleties of advances got for administrations to be pronounced or balanced.

Steps to File Nil Form GSTR 1 through SMS is as below:

  • Send SMS to 14409 number to file Nil Form GSTR-1 – NIL space Return Type space GSTIN space Return Period
    • For Monthly Filing for Tax Period April 2020: NIL R1 07AQDPP8277H8Z6 042020
    • For Quarterly Filing for Tax Period Apr-Jun 2020: NIL R1 07AQDPP8277H8Z6 062020
  • Send SMS again on the same number 14409 with Verification Code (For Example: Verification Code received here is 324961) to confirm filing of Nil Form GSTR-1.- CNF space Return Type space Code – CNF R1 324961
  • After successful validation of “Verification Code”, GST Portal will send back ARN to same mobile number and on registered e-mail ID of the taxpayer to intimate successful Nil filing of Form GSTR-1.[1]


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