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Multi-Platform Billing, Accounting and Inventory Management Software

In this fast moving business and market environment, the competition is cut-throat. Most businesses, say retail shops in the same vicinity, purchases from the same wholesaler or dealer. So apparently two retailers buying from same origin and henceforth having same margin of profit should make profit equally. But, this does not happens in real life. WHY? The need of the hour to make your business better than the contemporary is to have that extra bit of edge over the other. Billing and Accounting software gives a business that edge. HOW? The efficiency of a business determines how many customers it can generate for itself. This happens with a proper plan of management. Suppose you have a business and you aren’t aware about the commodities you have or the stock available, an ordinary business will look around and see, but being smart as a business will differ. It has been found in various surveys that people incorporating the use of Billing and Accounting Software have generated more profits, selling, leads and customer because of increase in efficiency on accounts, billing, inventory management and Customer Relationship Management(CRM). Now, the question arrases WHO should have a billing software? Every business with a growth and professional perspective shall have a billing, accounting and inventory software. From businesses like shoe, general, stationary, cloth, electronics to all the retail businesses one can name, one needs a proper business management tool.

Having answered the “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHO”! Lets come to the main topic.

What is a “Multi-platform” Billing, Accounting and Inventory Management Software?

A multi-platform billing, accounting and inventory management software is the software which can be logged-in on multiple devices and platforms e.g. multiple desktops, simultaneously and the software is in sync with all the device at all times. So basically every process incurred using one system shall be visible with the other systems also after completion of the transaction. For example, if the administrator of the software updates the inventory of a commodity in his computer the inventory for the commodity must also be updated in all the other systems accordingly. Also for processes such as selling, the bill generated and the transaction must also show with other system using the software. However, in software the administrator can also adjust the settings and the features other users can use. This helps to keep up the integrity and accountability in the business. The concerned user can only use features of his concern in the software.

Innoventry Premium as a Multi-Platform Billing and Accounting Software?

There are numerous features that a billing software has in the first place and being Multi-Platform is one such important feature that it should posses. This feature widens the horizon for ease of business. When a business requires multiple system usage requirement for their business, multi-platform feature of the “Innoventry Premium” helps a lot! Like really “A LOT”!

Multi-Billing Counters

Businesses that require multiple billing counters can use the feature to its optimum benefits. Many a times you may have visited stores and have waited in the que for your billing to be done. It’s time consuming and rather frustrating in emergencies. You can protect your own customers from facing this problem by opening more and more billing counters in your store. Be it a shoe store, apparel store, accessory store, jewelry shop or a general store all require additional billing counters depending on the customers visiting. Multi-Platform usage can help with carrying out multiple sales processes simultaneously and these processes can be updated in the database automatically. These processes and bills generated henceforth can be view by all the systems and all other jobs can be carried out if required on these processes.

Integrated Back-end and Front-end Processes With Different Systems On The Same Software

Many a times the godowns and warehouses that keep extra items are not together at the same place with the outlet. In this case, updating inventories and management of back-end jobs such as change in inventory due to shifting of products to and from godown to outlet is not able to be accounted for in single platform usage software. But, In case of a multi-platform inventory management software, different systems can be used at outlet and the godown which are integrated using a cloud/web server and all the inventory updated is synced from both the systems. This increases the efficiency of business in terms of effective inventory management.

Multi-Store Usage

Multi-platform feature in the billing and accounting software is what which has the capability of a store to grow into a chain of stores under the business. Increase in profits and the idea to expand business is one of the prominent feature of business culture. Multi-platform feature can help to manage all stores under the same software. The effective profit, loss, sale and purchase processes and inventory is all maintained under only one software. This creates a easy referral point for the business owner to look into all the action which has taken place in all the stores at one place. Also the accounting becomes like smooth like butter as all the accounts are maintained under the single software for all the stores at one go.

Same Software For Various Departments

Sometimes different departments are there in a particular business such as sales department, purchase department and service department etc. In this case a lot of users are required to be using the software. The multi-user software allows for such typical management of the business. Service department can use various their own required features similarly purchase department and sales department. This leads to proper bifurcation and hassle free cumber less management.

Web Server and Local Servers

Innoventry Premium has options to choose between cloud based web servers and Local System server to manage the database for the software. The user can choose between any of the above options according to the necessity and usability of the software. The web server saves the data on a cloud based system and requires an active internet connection for the sync of data. Although it has advantages like even if all the hardware fails the data is saved in cloud and is not lost in any case. While the Local Server uses a system for backup and sync of all the data. This does not require an active internet connection but a LAN Connection between the systems using the software. The Innoventry Premium allows its user to select from any of the above options at “No Additional Charges”.

Lower Upfront Costs

Since only a single purchase of the software can help you with the overall billing, inventory management and accounting of the whole business it becomes a very cost effective tool. Also because of all the accounting at one place the cost for accounting of individual stores also decreases. It’s a one time investment and for sure an asset for the business. Also the increase in efficiency of the business leads to higher profit making.

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